Steve McMorrine caught a fantastic 24lb Spring Salmon at 10.30am in The Guay Pool on Thursday 1st March 2012.

Steve had consulted Stan before his visit as to the type of fly to use and had tied his own fly especially for the day.

Steve’s size 10 Dizzie Lizzie Fly certainly did the trick.

The Salmon measured 40 inches in length & was safely returned to the river.

Steve also lost another Salmon in The Guay Pool

in the afternoon.

Very well done Steve.

Steve McMorrine back at the hut, after catching a 24lb Salmon on a Dizzie Lizzie Fly in The Guay Pool, 01/03/12

Steve McMorrine’s size 10 Dizzie Lizzie Fly, that caught him a 24lb Salmon 01/03/12