All systems go!

So it’s blank pages no longer at Dalguise for the 2018 season as syndicate stalwart Ian King successfully lands a 7lb bar of silver out of Otterstone on a Yellow Monkey fly. Congratulations Ian – and there’s still some fishing time left….

Opening Day 2018

Monday the 15th started misty and, well, brisk is as good a term as any lest we create any -8 degree flashbacks in our hardy day one survivors! 

Good humour, stoicism, a cheeky nip to start off with, and some hearty soup for lunch were added to the mix, and despite the arctic conditions a memorable day was had by our first guests for the season, most of whom we have welcomed on opening day in the past.  Hopes were raised for the space of a heartbeat as Rory came face to face with an extremely hungry …… grayling under Bridge pool!  A fine mix of old hands and new faces made for a cracking day out, despite the lack of silver.  

It was a very good year …. and now for another one.

May we take a moment to say thank you to guests and friends for your support and company over the last season, and all the best for the next.

Tight lines for 2018, from all at Dalguise Fishings

A blether about the weather

A poll by the Scottish government found that the nation’s favourite word is ‘dreich’.

If you’re from out of the area and want to expand your Highland vocabulary, it means wet, dull, gloomy, dismal, dreary or any combination of these.  

Waders, a stout jacket, and a heart that belongs to fishing will get you through the day, but we think looking at this view from the balcony of the lodge with a hot cup of coffee doesn’t hurt either – and it doesn’t bother the salmon, after all!

Tell them what you want, what you really, really want!

There’s still plenty of time to get those last minute hints in  – a gift voucher from Dalguise Fishings would make a fantastic gift for a fishing buddy – or will give you something to look forward to next season yourself!  Call or email for details of our vouchers, or for information on membership of our spring syndicate.

Tenuous Links Are Us

Well, he was a fisherman after all!  Happy St Andrew’s Day, all – enjoy your ceilidhs, or your cosy night in, and your dram, of course, wherever in the world you are.

The cold never bothers us anyway…

As our little corner of Scotland has its first dash of snow for the winter, its a reminder of what a contrary breed the salmon fisher has to be.  While everyone else shivers we are of good cheer – the more snow in the mountains the better, as far as next season is concerned.  A slow melt release for the spring will add to the extra water from the newly redeemed Garry, encouraging multi sea winter fish on their migration from Greenland up to the tributaries – preferably with a timely pit-stop at Dalguise beat, of course…. Bank up the fire, and let it snow!

October’s last guests of the season

Donald Skene took the last 2 days of the season to entertain and thank regular visitors and guests for their custom this year.

As ever, there was great hilarity and a whole lot of fun.  The fishing was mainly spinning to due higher than expected water levels, with the leaves and detritus that come along with it – across the whole Tay very few fish were taken on the last day, however we counted a close call when Scott Connelly had a fish of around 10lb on briefly in the Bridge Pool.

The party enjoyed their haggis, neeps and tatties and a dram and the moothie came out!  The guests were a keen lot this year and wanted to fish, so the moothie went away until next year!!!


Fish, eat, sleep, repeat.

The catch records book at the beat starts back in 2005 – and popping up there, and practically every year thereafter, are Stephen Lakin and Diccon Jordan. The Lakin party were with us again at the end of September, and it was great to have them back, making good use of the upgraded facilities at the lodge, and doing their very utmost in skilled contention against our finny residents. It was Salmon 1 Lakin party 0 this time – but there’s plenty of room in the book for years to come!

Corporate company – and cake

Tony Fraser of Skene Group brought company at the end of September in the shape of the corporate group from Thistle Building Supplies. Taking a well deserved time-out at the beat seemed to suit everybody very well, particularly when Ian Clyde landed a 13lb fish in Guay pool.

Apart from the thrill of a catch, the other thing all our guests seem to have in common is a love of food – bangers and mash and onion gravy staved off any post-wading chills, followed by home-made gingerbread. So much gingerbread.

Hope you see you again soon, chaps!

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