That’ll do!

Taken from Guay pool as opposed to the stalwart Bridge pool which has been productive of late, this 16lb beauty, covered in sealice from cheek to tail fell to a harled Calvin punk for Iain Ingledew – after a bit of a drought he’s cracked it!


Quick off the Mark!

It’s always a delight to welcome back our old friend Mark Williams, and he’s only gone and gotten his name in the book before the halfway point of his week with us.  A beautiful 13lb salmon was the prize before lunchtime today, caught from, and safely returned to, the tail of Bridge Pool, lured by a Calvin Punk vision 110.  We’re thrilled to bits for you Mark, and in view of the number of fish sighted on the beat today, we’re hopeful this catch is just the first!

No more the bridesmaid!

So chuffed for Dalguise resident Michael Carr – his dedication to learning the pools of the beat every week this season has been rewarded with a 19lb springer out of Bridge Pool!  Well done Michael, we’re thrilled for you, let’s hope this is the first of many!

This cracker is his personal best and another M.S.W. out of the ever productive Bridge pool. Despite the visible bleed it was only lightly hooked and returned safely after a five minute recovery.

Monkeying around on the river bank

One of the great things about Dalguise beat is that people come for the fishing, then realise there’s so much more to investigate.  It’s why we are ideally set up for family groups, corporate bookings, and the entertainment of bored small people with short attention spans.

Most commented on in the stationary wildlife category is our Monkey Puzzle Tree.   Native to the Andes, and so long-lived it’s referred to as a living fossil, it received its name in the 1850’s when a rare specimen of the age provoked the comment “It would puzzle a monkey to climb that!”.

We’re not sure about testing that hypothesis, but we’re grateful for the interesting-looking shade in the summer!

How much adrenaline is too much?!

An epic day for Craig Hood today with a second fish from the tail of Bridge pool, 22lbs of pure fight. It all goes to prove the early bird doesn’t necessarily claim the honours and salmon don’t watch the clock!

A stolen afternoon pays off!

Craig Hood strikes again today, landing this 19lb beauty after long runs and a 25 minute fight from the tail of Bridge pool, caught on a Vision 110 during a cheeky fishing interlude after snow stopped play in his (other) day job. Congratulations Craig, what a memorable catch.

Fishing for all

We are keen here at Dalguise to encourage all and any to take up the vocation, sorry, sport, of salmon fishing.  It is worth remembering that this does not preclude guests who may assume that a wild river environment is not accessible due to their particular needs.  We know there are both ‘newbies’ as well as seasoned and experienced fishers out there, who don’t lack the will but may, in the words of one of our guests “prefer to avoid the mountain goat experience”.

Accessible bank fishing is available throughout Dalguise, as well as gentle access to many easily waded spots on the beat.  These have proven popular with old hands and newbies alike who have the enthusiasm to fish but for whom the steeper, wilder areas of riverbank are not a viable prospect.

This is why we like to promote the fact that we are one of the few Tay beats to offer free use of our boat to all tenants, dependant upon prevailing conditions.  It can make the difference between a hard slog and an enjoyable day’s fishing, and we are happy that we can continue to make that opportunity available for all our guests without an additional premium attached.

Contact us for more information on how we can adapt to your needs and ensure you have a memorable time on the river.

McMarch McCatch? McKay!

What a cracking day it’s been today! Michael Carr, Dalguise regular, had a pull in the morning in Island pool. Keith Scobbie brought a few friends to test the water, and James McKay was amply rewarded after lunch in the same spot tested out by Michael with a beautiful 18lb bar of silver just above Dowally burn. Caught on a blood red/custard devon in a biting upstream wind with flurries of snow, it goes to prove the old-fashioned lures still have a lot to give!

No pressure?

Ian King inks in his 2018 opening catch.

With the winter weather hopefully on the wane, we wait impatiently for a bit of high pressure in the atmosphere and on the riverbank.

The beat has had its taste of adrenaline for sure, with Ian King’s opening 6lb springer out of Otterstone, and the heartbreaking loss of a far larger fish the same day just the distance of a landing net from his feet, followed at the end of the month by Keith Wight’s capture of a 8lb fish from Guay Pool on the fly in 2 degree water.

With March underway we wait with bated breath for the first catch of the month – with big fish throughout the system the outlook is good, so it’s all down to you, folks, get casting!

Weather variable, outlook bright!

With water levels currently ideal, the river having shrunk back with the recent frosty conditions, there’s a positive outlook for our chances over coming days.  Although the spring run has been making its appearance in fits and starts across the Tay, there have been enough large fish caught across the system to bring good cheer – and plenty of last years model making their presence known, with many well-mended kelts taking the bait and hopefully showing the graduating class how it’s done….

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