Come join us on the evening of Friday 16th June to take part in the Fishpal Sea Trout Festival.

We want to share the experience of seatrout fishing, and have five spots available, free of charge.

When the bats take flight, and your eye can no longer distinguish the colour green – that’s the time to lift the fly rod and venture into the tail of the pool.

With the right light tackle, it can be a magical spine-tingling experience – nothing equals the heart stopping intensity of a take in the dark, as all your other senses sharpen, and you become alert to noises, touches, smells, and age old hunter-gatherer instincts rise involunarily to the surface.

If you’ve never tried it, we can’t recommend it enough – let your imagination ratchet up a gear, and join the small but passionate clan of fisherman connecting with the river and the landscape in a totally different way – you’ll see the river in a whole new light….or lack of….

Call us on 07801 226 497 or email to secure a spot.