We are keen here at Dalguise to encourage all and any to take up the vocation, sorry, sport, of salmon fishing.  It is worth remembering that this does not preclude guests who may assume that a wild river environment is not accessible due to their particular needs.  We know there are both ‘newbies’ as well as seasoned and experienced fishers out there, who don’t lack the will but may, in the words of one of our guests “prefer to avoid the mountain goat experience”.

Accessible bank fishing is available throughout Dalguise, as well as gentle access to many easily waded spots on the beat.  These have proven popular with old hands and newbies alike who have the enthusiasm to fish but for whom the steeper, wilder areas of riverbank are not a viable prospect.

This is why we like to promote the fact that we are one of the few Tay beats to offer free use of our boat to all tenants, dependant upon prevailing conditions.  It can make the difference between a hard slog and an enjoyable day’s fishing, and we are happy that we can continue to make that opportunity available for all our guests without an additional premium attached.

Contact us for more information on how we can adapt to your needs and ensure you have a memorable time on the river.