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Dalguise Fishings

The Dalguise beat is situated about 2 miles downstream of the confluence of the Rivers Tay and Tummel and extends to approximately 1.25 miles of double bank Middle Tay fishing.

Dalguise has held its own alongside its mid-Tay counterparts with regards to catches – in the 2017 season, for instance, our March catches were at an all time high, surpassed only once since 2001.

The beat is set amongst spectacular scenery and boasts a wide array of both plant and wildlife on its riverbanks, including kingfishers and otters seen on a daily basis, and ospreys fishing on the river.

There is excellent bank side access to all pools and guests often comment on how well maintained Dalguise is, with maintenance emphatically completed with the needs of the fisher in mind.

Dalguise provides excellent but reasonably priced salmon fishing for a maximum of seven bank rods with the option, at no additional cost, of using the boat for the purposes of ‘harling’ should the water conditions dictate (mainly early or late season and at the sole discretion of the Ghillie). The whole beat is easily fished either from bank or wading. Dalguise is one of the most attractive beats on the middle Tay offering a wide variety of fishing. Its catches have been remarkably consistent.

Dalguise has nine major named pools several of which can only be described as a fly-fishers dream. Within most of these major pools there are distinctly different and separate ‘bits’ resulting in a pool count closer to fifteen. The beat can fish well in all heights of water and, dependant on the time of year, water height and temperature, The Ghillie will advise on the most likely pools, ‘taking places’ and tactics. Please note that the services of the Ghillie are to be shared amongst the party but if a guest requires the services of an additional Ghillie,  this can be arranged at a reasonable daily rate.

Dalguise Beat Map - click to enlarge

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Although the Tay open season dates are 15th January to 15th October it has been established that fresh fish enter the Tay system on a daily basis 365 days per year. Therefore there is always a chance that you might ‘connect’ with a fresh run fish anytime from the opening to the last day of the season. As a general rule, the spring run enters the river during March with ‘genuine springers’ continuing to be caught until late May in a normal season. Prior to this January and February can be sporadic with any fresh fish caught (usually heavy fish) more likely to be termed the ‘winter run’. Of late, the spring season has been increasingly productive and we would recommend an outing for the chance to connect with some legendary Tay spring silver.

June normally heralds the arrival of the Grilse run, although heavy clean ‘summer fish’ can often provide an unexpected bonus during June and into July. The Grilse run tends to build during June and peaks during July and August when excellent sport can be had with both salmon and sea trout on the “flea” rod. The first rains of September will see the start of the prolific autumn, or “back end” runs for which the Tay is famous.

Dalguise will be available on daily or weekly lets for up to seven rods with weekly lets being given priority. Salmon fishing, seven rods with boat and Ghillie from £22 per rod per day.