Brand new catch

David Brand patiently displayed a lifelong angler’s perpetual optimism, labouring happily on in spite of the dour driech weather today. His reward came in the shape of a buckled rod over Guay pool, finally resulting in this 8lb beauty. David’s first salmon in a year and a half, this was a long time coming – but what a fish!

Neil reels in – again!

A glorious fishing effort at the beat today was topped off by regular guest Neil Turner and his late afternoon addition to the catch book. Neil may be a man of few words, but he sounded pretty happy to have maintained his successful record at Dalguise with this 12 lb fighter!

Multiples for Malcolm

It’s been great to have Dr Malcolm Freeland back for his annual duel with the mighty Tay salmon, and this year has been a productive visit with three fish to his name and a day of fishing left.  He’s pictured here with his second fish, a 7lber out of Otterstone captured on a harled kynoch – and with a full day left and catches high across the Tay system we’ll see what today brings!

Awesome August

August is playing out beautifully with this 10lb fish from Bridge Pool on Monday – with some good runs of fish starting to show their autumn colours, we are still nonethless sighting silver fish fresh into the beat, like the very large bar of pure sparkle that had the audacity to surface in front of a Dalguise regular this week – right at his feet!!


Reservoir jogs!

Jonathan shows off his cracking 12lb fish caught a week ago on a flying C from Bridge Pool – the high energy sprint towards the lodge that was required to land it was totally worth it!

And so it begins…

For the past few weeks at Dalguise, apart from a few grilse hooked and lost, the many fish sighted in the pools (particularly Bridge) have been highly unwilling to be tempted by any fly or lure.

With water temperatures as high as 19ºC this was hardly a surprise but with some rain in the hills reducing the ambient temperature to a more bearable 15ºC we finally managed to land this lovely 11lb fish directly in front of the lodge today from the depths of Bridge Pool.

A Black and Orange custom Robert Wilson salmo lure invoked an aggressive response from a prime specimen who was safely returned to fight another day, and with rain both falling and forecast we’re in great spirits to greet our new and regular guests next week!

5th August 2013

A fantastic start to the week, this time it’s Stephen Betts from Kirkintilloch who catches his first ever Salmon. A fine 13lb hen fish from the Bridge Pool on a copper and silver Salmon fished upstream.

Stephen was so pleased with being taught to fish that he returned the favour ……. And gave me a haircut in the Hut! Another Dalguise first 😉

John Geddes decides to fish on a bit last night and what a call, his 30g copper and silver Salmon is nailed in the Bridge Pool by a 24lb’r!
Tight Lines Stan

4th June 2013

Another good day for Finland, with yet another two salmon coming to the net. So, the score at the end of day 2 is Finland 4 – 0 Scotland, with Matias Juranto (15 years old, another Dalguise First ever Salmon) landing a Hen fish of 11lb, she was caught right in front of the Hut in the Bridge Pool on a Norwegian Lure called a “Bach Spesial” and expertly landed by the Party Leader Toni Kakkuri ( The second of the day fell to Jari Woulle, Jari landed a cracking 14lb Cock fish in the Bridge Pool as well, this time caught on a Copper & Red 20g Toby.

Tight lines Stan

4th June 2013 - Jari Woulle

4th June 2013 – Jari Woulle

4th June 2013 - Matias Juuranto

4th June 2013 – Matias Juuranto

Bach Spesial - Norwegian Lure

Bach Spesial – Norwegian Lure

4th June 2013 - Jari Woulle

4th June 2013 – Jari Woulle

3rd June 2013

A great start to the week for our Finnish Party and a great start to June for Dalguise Fishing, with Risto Närvänen (from Helsinki – visiting Scotland for the first time) landing his first ever Salmon from the Bridge Pool right in front of the Hut, quickly followed by his second!  Both fish where caught on a Red Floating Devon

3rd June 2013 - Risto Narvanen

3rd June 2013 – Risto Narvanen

(as recommend by “The Ghillie”) this morning within 30 minutes of each other!  The first being a 9lb Hen and the second an 11lb Cock, both were cracking fresh fish. Pictures to follow Tight Lines Stan

30th May 2013

A morning fish today, the lucky angler was John Shipley, a fine 10lb cock fish, caught on. Size 8 cascade fished on a sinking tip at the Island. Jamie Thomson picks up another Tay Springer from the Tail of the Island, caught on a cascade fished on a sinking tip, a very fresh 9lb hen fish.

30th May 2013 - Jamie Thomson

30th May 2013 – Jamie Thomson

Tight lines Stan

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